​AESBL requires background check within ten business days
after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.
Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2020
8am -5pm Both Days​
205-552-8200   E-Mail locksmithala@gmail.com
Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al 35128 205-552-8200

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Locksmith Test is a Two Day Class and Test

Passing score is 75%
     You will be mailed your test score with certificate.

Send all your information-name, company, address,phone and e-mail to 
locksmithala@gmail.com​ and you will be invoiced for payment.

Class and Test or given ONLY 4 times a year unless we have at least 15 people.
Class with books and test is $485.00
Approved Classes

Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al 35128 205-552-8200

June 19th & 20th       Safe Class        Lee Schofield     8am - 5pm  both days   16 CEU's    $ 300.00

Become a Safe Technician by learning the skills needed to open safes like an expert. Drill site selection, dial removal, drilling, drill bits, inspection lights, borescopes, number transferring, relockers, emergency dials and more are covered in this class. You will go home with the skills and confidence needed to grow in this profitable field and stop turning down jobs.

June 26th, 2020 Friday   Master Keying and keying in levels   Lee Schofield    8am-5pm   8 CEU's  $150.00 

Some locks are designed to work with two different keys. The change key will open only that specific lock, while the master key will open that lock and several others in a group. In these locks, a few of the pin pairs are separated by a third pin called a master wafer or spacer. Learn how to make up a system with a Master Key.     

June 27th, 2020 Saturday       Small and Large Format IC Core Keying and Master               Lee Schofield                     8am-5pm                         8CEU's                     $ 150.00

Interchangeable cores offer maximum flexibility to the owner. If a key is ever lost or stolen, locks can be re-keyed quickly, by just removing the old cores and replacing with a new one or keying the core to a new key without removing the door hardware. Also some of these cyclinders key up different than a standard lock.

Class with Books and Test $485.00
June 4th & 5th    FULL
June 10th & 11th   FULL

June 18th & 19th

October 1st & 2nd

Online Classes
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