​AESBL requires background check within ten business days
after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.
Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2020
8am -5pm Every Day
   E-Mail locksmithala@gmail.com

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Approved Classes

​             Alabama Locksmith Frame, Door and Hardware CEU class  
Saturday August 15th, 2020           
 Taught By Sonny Pearce IDN Armstrong  and A.J. Doody
Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin Street S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al  35128

This class will go over how to install a KD (Knock down frame) install two wood doors with standard hinges on one door and continuous hinge on the other, grade one exit device on one door and a grade 2 exit device on the other, standard door closer on one door and a parallel arm on the other. We will be showing video of how to install everything you will be installing yes you will be installing the frames, doors, and hardware as a hands-on class at the new Alabama Locksmith Association classroom. We will be going over some of the things you can and cannot do on fire doors as well.

Project Bell SPECIAL SIMPLEX Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Certification
September Saturday 12th  or Sunday 13th, 2020  8 Hours

Alabama Locksmith Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al  35128
205-552-8200 or Barbara@locksmithala.org

MAX. CLASS SIZE: 12 Students 
PREREQUISITES:Basic understanding of mechanical hardware

We will explore the many mechanical features and servicing of these unique and versatile keyless locks. This class includes hands-on training on the Simplex 1000 and the Simplex 5000. We’ll also review and highlight applications for the L1000, 900, 3000, 7100, 6200 and 9600 products in today’s marketplace. 

A.Combination Chambers 
Hands on chamber training and understanding of its operation •Identification of component parts •Reading an unknown code by viewing code gears •Clearing a zero code and changing the code •High security code for critically secured areas only •Symptoms, cause, and remedy of an inoperative chamber

B.Disassembly and assembly of the 1000 series lock  
Identification and function of all component parts and models •Preparation and installation of all models •Complete hands-on assembly •Installation of 1000 on wooden mount 
Troubleshooting tips•Application opportunities

C.Review of the L1000, 900, 3000, 7100, 6200 and 9600 cabinet locks  
Identification of all models  •Features and options available•Troubleshooting tips
Application opportunities

D.Disassembly and assembly of Simplex 5000 series lock   
Identification and function of all component parts and models  •Preparation and installation of all models •Troubleshooting tips •Complete hands-on assembly •Mount lock on demonstrator mount •Locating a lost code during a code change 

E.Applications of all model locks  
Understanding use of all Simplex products with other products and equipment
Various options of all model locks

F.Certification test  

Cost of Seminar: $ 400.00 (USD)  

Value of Seminar: $ Over 3,500.00 (USD)

CLASS INCLUDES: You Take This Home
1000 series mechanical pushbutton lock (List Price $ 512.00)
1000 chamber (List Price $ 95.50)
5000 chamber (List Price $ 95.50)
5000 series mechanical pushbutton lock ($ 600.00)
5000 series universal demonstrator mount ($ 181.00)
Simplex 7108 Dead Bolt ($ 172.00)
Simplex Service Repair Kit (List Price $ 1,850.00) 
Four-in-one screwdriver
Screwdriver (small)
Free listing on www.dormakaba.us website as a Simplex factory certified dealer
Factory Certified Certificate
Factory Certification Training Binder
This class will only be offered for a limited time!

Electronic Access Control Certification Class
December 5th & 6th, 2020

Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al  35128

ALOA Instructor Greg Perry  CML, CMEL 

This is the required class for your license to say you are certified to do Electronic Access Control work. That means anything that works on battery or low voltage. All classes are limited due to COVID, 
so you need to sign up early to secure a seat

Christmas Party to Follow Saturday Night 
December 5th, 2020​
at your new classroom, come and see

Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al 35128

Same as every year with Dirty Santa, gifts 20.00, give aways from vendors
Santa comes to visit, real good food and fellowship, even if we have to wear our mask.
Pray I see you here and we can have fun even being careful. Miss you guys and praying for all of you. Barbara
Class with Books and Test $ 975.00
​Four Day Class & Test

September 29th, 30th

October 1st & 2nd

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