​AESBL requires background check within ten business days after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.

Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2017
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al  35128    205-552-8200
Locksmith Forum
    The Class & test that is required for new employee's must be taken within six months of hire date.
You can take the PRP by ALOA or CLL class and test put on by the Alabama Locksmith Association.
Classes must be signed up and paid for 30 days before the date of the class so we will know if we have enough people to have a class.
If we do not have enough people to fill a class 30 days before the class date we will have to cancel the class.
This may cause you to have to travel to get your CEU credits or mandatory classes or you may not be able to get them when needed.
So look at the classes and sign up now for the ones you want to take.
Locksmith Test is a Two Day Class and Test

Passing score is 75%
You will be mailed your test score with certificate.

You need to pay for your Class and Test here, send all your information-name, company, address, phone and e-mail to locksmithala@gmail.com 

Class and Test or given ONLY 4 times a year unless we have at least than 15 people.

Class with Books 
and Test $ 485.00
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Approved Classes

March  1st and 2nd, 2018
Online Classes

Check the Web Site www.aesbl.alabama.gov for update education.
Class with Books 
and Test $ 485.00
Trade Show Classes
Birmingham Marriott
3590 Grandview Parkway 
Birmingham Alabama 35243       1-205-968-3775

Thursday February 22nd   Master Keying    Lee Schofield            8am to 5pm          8 CEU's                                             

                                                                 Learn the art of keying locks in levels Grand-Master, Master, Sub-Master

Thursday February 22nd      Auto ILCO         A.J. Doody               8am to 12am          4 CEU's  

               Learn the equipment to use to make certain car keys. Need help on your equipment BRING IT 

 Friday February 23rd      Small Format        Lee Schofield            8am to 5pm          8 CEU's    

                                                                Learn the art of pinning Best and Schlage​

Friday February 23rd       Basic Electricity       A.J. Doody            8am to 5pm           8 CEU's                   

                                                      Learn low voltage for install of Electronic Access Control

Friday February 23rd       High Security Locks   ASSA, ABUS & Mul-T-Lock    8am-12pm      4 CEU's 

            Learn about the new High Security Locks from Assa, Abus and Mul-T-Lock. Know what do get for your customers

Friday February 23rd       Automotive 101        Keyline                    1pm to 3pm                        2 CEU's 

 This class will provide an overview of Automotive chip keys. Equipment will be in class for hands on

Friday February 23rd      Advanced Diagnostics         ILCO              3 pm to 7pm                       4 CEU's  

                      Learn how Advanced Diagnostics from Ilco can help you with making car chip keys

Saturday February 24th        Pre-Register for Trade Show            9am to 2pm   

                                                                                        Members Alabama Locksmith
                                                                                                         Sign In

Saturday February 24th     Access Control         Dorma Kaba               3pm to 6pm                   3CEU   

                                              Introduction to access control hardware and software  

Saturday February 24th     Door Closures and Operators        International Door       3pm to 4pm      1CEU  

                                     Learn about door closures and operators   

Saturday February 24th      Ethics                        Lee Schofield                        2pm to 6pm              4CEU's  

                                    Learn the ethical way to handle all situations in locksmithing           

General Sales meeting and Banquet

     Saturday 24th 6:30 pm in Ballroom                                                                                          Need head count for food

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