​AESBL requires background check within ten business days
after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.
Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2019

205-552-8200   E-Mail locksmithala@gmail.com
Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al 35128 205-552-8200

Locksmith Forum
Locksmith Test is a Two Day Class and Test

Passing score is 75%
You will be mailed your test score with certificate.

Send all your information-name, company, address,phone and e-mail to 
locksmithala@gmail.com​ and you will be invoiced for payment.

Class and Test or given ONLY 4 times a year unless we have at least 15 people.
Class with books and test is $485.00
Approved Classes

Coming in October

Alabama Locksmith Association Warehouse
1607 Martin St. S. Suite 8
Pell City, Al 35128   205-552-8200   locksmithala@gmail.com

October 19th and 20th  Beginner and Advanced Locksmith Safe Class.   Lee Schofield   16 CEU's        
 In this class you will learn how to service a safe. This includes but not limited to terminology, identification, techniques, combination changing, dialing diagnostics and opening procedures. We will also cover manipulation, drilling, keyhole scoping.  Bring your own tools if you have any

Merry Christmas
December 7th, 2019
Holiday Inn
2901 John Hawkins Pkwy, 
Hoover, AL 35244
(205) 682-2901

Introduction to Master Keying

  8 Credit Hours Friday December 6th  8-5

  Schlage and Sargent Bring Lap Top Computer For Keying Program

Lee Schofield     will teach us planning and theory for basic mastering keying, explaining cross keying and selective master keys to reduce the numbers further, using different rules. We will learn how to set up a system by hand and the different programs.

Introduction to Small Format

8 Credit Hours Saturday December 7th  8-5

Lee Schofield    will teach us principles and techniques to small format keying. Locksmiths will do decoding, keying and manipulating cores. Specific tools and troubleshooting will be taught. Some pinning will be done in class.

Introduction To Ethics 101

4 Credit Hours Sunday December 8th,  8-12

Lee Schofield   will teach us the Basics of Ethics in the work place. How to handle all kinds of situations in the field and with other co-workers. What to do in many different situations, and what is an Ethical solution to many problems. Class participation will be expected.

Meeting with Election right after Saturday class, Please sign up to be Elected

You don’t want to miss the funniest, best food, gift give away, fellowship time you could ever have.

 Bring a wrapped gift to play DIRTY SANTA, where you get a number and when your time
Comes you chose which ever wrapped gift you want or TAKE one away from your buddies. HO! HO!

It is so funny to watch as gifts are stolen away, Then vendors donate stuff that Santa gives out.

And guess who Santa is ??, You’ll have to come and see. Bring your wife and kids, this is a family time.

Please e-mail me at locksmithala@gmail.com and let me know how many are coming, so we can plan a special gift for the kids( because there may be alcoholic gifts only adults play Dirty Santa )

There is always lots of great food and Christmas music

AND you are right in the best shopping area all Around you.

Online Classes
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Class with Books and Test $485.00
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March 26th & 27th

June 4th & 5th

October 1st & 2nd

​January 9th & 10th

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