​AESBL requires background check within ten business days
after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.
Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2020
8am -5pm Every Day
   E-Mail locksmithala@gmail.com
Teaching will be on basic locksmithing: keys, 
knobs, deadbolts, duplicating machines,safes
 cars & access control, every aspect of Locksmithing.
You will be provided everything you need to learn the Locksmith
trade. You will be given a hands on test everyday and a 75 question
on the 5th day. If you pass all your skills and written exam, you 
will be awarded a certificate that you will need to turn a copy into the 
State Board AESBL to receive a license for locksmithing.

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Approved Classes
​Five Day Class & Test                 2021

January 25th - January 29th

May 24th - May 28th

August 23rd - August 27th

Oct 25th - Oct 29th

Online Classes
Check the Web Site
for update on approved education
    Lets Start The Year Off Right
Five Day Beginner Locksmith Class & Test
May 24th - May 28th
Limited To Ten
Location: 1607 Martin St. S. Suite 10
Pell City, Al  35128
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March Technical Show is canceled BUT Classes are not!!

Register Today to become a Simplex Certified Installer and Receive $3500 in Product

Thursday March11th, 2021  Richard Shuford Dormakaba Only 
15 per Class   8am-5pm  8CEU

Increase your knowledge and skills by enrolling in the Simplex Certified Installer Program today! Simplex Mechanical Push Button Locks set the standard in stand-alone, keyless entry nearly 60 years ago.•Be found with a free listing on dormakaba website as a Simplex Certified Installer,•Mechanical features of Simplex Series locks
Program Benefits−Simplex 1000 series mechanical pushbutton lock−1000 chamber−Simplex 5000 series mechanical pushbutton lock−5000 chamber−1000 / 5000 series universal demonstrator mount−Simplex 7108 26D 41 lock−Simplex Parts Repair Kit−Four-in-one screwdriver−Screwdriver (small)
Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Certified Certificate (this kit contains over 100 repair parts for a variety of Simplex Lock and is in a nice three drawer tackle box)−Simplex Certification Training Binder

Friday March12th, 2021 Richard Shuford Dormakaba 
Only 15 per Class   8am - 5pm  8CEU

This hands-on class gives instruction on the E-Plex electronic locks and optional software. Hands on training will be provided on the ease of lock installation, as well as use and maintenance of the electronic lock series for the E-Plex 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, and 5070 units. The instructor will also demonstrate programming and audits of the lock using the optional software. Upon successful completion, students will understand the product features, benefits, installation and both keypad and software programming, plus troubleshooting tips. E-Plex cylindrical, mortise and exit trim options,E-Plex back to back mortise,E-Plex Stand Alone Controller (SAC) E-Plex 3000 Narrow Stile, E-Plex 2000, Description of product features and capabilities, Installation of lock on mount (with valuable tips)
Manual programming of E-Plex 5000, Software programming of lock (PC, Netbook, USB to IrDA Adapter (M-Unit devices)
Program Benefits - Four-in-one screwdriver
E-Plex Standard Software Version 3.0
Free listing on the www.dormakaba.us web site as an E-Plex factory trained dealer
Factory Certification Certificate
Factory Certification Training Binder

Saturday March 13th, Networx Starter Kit Training and iQwik Installation  by Andy Phelps
Only 10 per class   8am - 5pm  8 CEU's

The Networx class will cover installation tips for the PDL6100 stand alone access control lock including how to upgrade existing Trilogy locks to Networx. You will be instructed how to properly set up Networx and be shown how to send/receive programming using laptops to networx.
MANDATORY: students must bring their laptops to class, we will load software and you will follow along for step by step programming instruction, must have current Microsoft Windows OS.

Marks - iQwik Lite Installation and Programming will provideproper installation techniques and programming procedures for the Marks iQwik Lite Electronic Lock. You will learn how to create a Master code, add user codes and how to set special features of the lock.

FIRST 8 companies to sign up for this class will keep the iQwik Lite Demo

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