​AESBL requires background check within ten business days
after employment with an alarm or locksmith company.
 They have 6 months to take class and pass test.
Beginner Locksmith Class and Test 2018
1607 Martin St. South
Suite 8
Pell City, AL 35128
Locksmith Forum
    The class & test that is required for new employee's must be taken within six months of hire date.
You can take the PRP by ALOA or CLL class and test put on by the Alabama Locksmith Association.
Classes must be signed up and paid for 30 days before the date of the
class so we will know if we have enough people to have a class.
If we do not have enough people to fill a class
30 days before the class date we will have to cancel the class.
This may cause you to have to travel to get your CEU credits or mandatory
classes or you may not be able to get them when needed.
So look at the classes and sign up now for the ones you want to take.
Locksmith Test is a Two Day Class and Test

Passing score is 75%
You will be mailed your test score with certificate.

You need to pay for your Class and Test here, send all your information-name, company, address,
phone and e-mail to locksmithala@gmail.com
Class and Test or given ONLY 4 times a year unless we have at least than 15 people.
Class with books and test is $485.00
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Approved Classes
Online Classes
Check the Web Site
for update on education.
Class with Books 
and Test $485.00
August 16th and 17th
May 31st - June 1st
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October 4th & 5th
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        Let's Go to The BEACH                Friday August 10, & Saturday 11th, 2018

                                                                                                                                        Hampton Inn & Suites
                                                                                                                                       25518 Perdido Beach Blvd
                                                                                                                                       Orange Beach, Al  36561
                                                                                                                                                $209.00 a night on Beach            
ALOA  David Thielen CML, CHI, CAI

All About Exit Devices:                                        $ 150.00 
 Friday 8 am to 5 pm    8 CEU's
This class has been updated to include delayed exit devices that comply with NFPA101. A wealth of information will be covered on exit devices including types, functions, ratings, installations, repairs and servicing. Hands-on as well as handouts
Materials to bring to class: Common and Phillips screwdrivers and an Allen wrench set

ALOA David Thielen CML, CHI, CAI

Alternate Entry Methods                                   $ 150.00  
Saturday 8 am to 5 pm     8 CEU's
This Class deals with the last resort techniques of cylinder bypass methods. Demonstrations of bypass techniques covering some of the most popular residential and commercial locksets will be performed. Discussion and presentations will also include narrow stile locks, tubular key locks, lever locks, safe deposit locks, interchangeable core cyclinders, padlocks, templating for drilling high security rim and mortise cyclinders and office equipment.

​Transponder Island 
A.J. Doody
​Friday and Saturday 8am to 5pm   16 CEU's

Training using Lishi tools, Accue Reader and EEZ Reader to generate keys
Key cutting using the 3D pro extreme, Curtis Clippers and Space and depth Keys
Try out keys How to read a tumbler chart and use progression to help generate a working key Codes Lots of Hands on.
Ignition retainer and removal Transponder/Chips Programing

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Lee Schofield                                Safe Class                   June 2nd and 3rd

Class Canceled Due to Not enough signed up

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$ 250.00