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Question        What are the tests and certifications I need to be a locksmith in Alabama?

Answer           Check these Links:
Question        Are locksmiths required to keep replacement lock combination records after opening a safe?

Answer           No you are not required to keep the combination. But if your customer ask you to I would find a safe way to keep it.
Question        How do I become a locksmith?     
Question        I've worked for a local county school system for over ten years and my question is is there not a way to get grandfathered in just to use at my job?

Answer           If all you do is Institutional Locksmithing at this school system then you do not need a License at this point.
Question        Are automotive mechanics required to be licensed to replace automotive locks?

Answer           No.
Question        My diploma is from Foley-Belsaw locksmith school do I still need to take the locksmith test in Alabama?

Answer           Yes, everyone who is required a license will need to take the test.
Question        I have retired from Diebold Inc. and have repaired, set combo's, repaired SD Box locks, forced open SD Box locks, replaced teller under counter locks as well as repair them.
                          Also worked with other companies doing the same thing, can I get grandfathered in for the requirements on the license?

Answer           No one can be grandfathered in. You will still need to take the test.
Question        If I just want to service automotive, do I need to learn residential and commercial to get my license?

Answer           You will need to know those to be able to pass the test.

Question        I cannot find any Alabama laws or statutes describing the difference between "commercial" and "residential" locksmith work on the internet. Please advise...? IE~ if a company opens up a business in a previously occupied residential house with residential locks, is it NOW considered commercial locksmithing if I rekey their locks? I always thought it applied to access control etc. What exactly defines "commercial" locksmithing?

Answer        Checking and Clarifying - Check Back