Who we Are!
Alabama Locksmith Association
" Where Education is the Key "  
  This Association was started in 1987 as The Heart of Dixie then
later changed our name to The Alabama Locksmith Association.
We are a chapter of ALOA and have followed their bylaws.
We are registered as a non-profit corporation under
section 10-3A-24 of the Alabama Non-Profit Corporation Act. 

    Our mission is to educate Locksmith's in the state of Alabama
in all the latest tools and advanced security products
in the industry to keep our state secure.
We also hold Locksmith's up to a higher standard due
to the importance of keeping our home's and business' secure.

    Alabama Law requires that ALL Locksmiths be licensed.
You can check with the AESBL to find a licensed locksmith in your area, or through ALOAEvery licensed locksmith will have
a picture ID issued by the state of Alabama. 
To The Public
Chairman: Lee Schofield 

Co-Chairman: Van Johnson

Co-Chairman: Bryan Rayburn

Treasurer: Barbara McGowin

Secretary: Beryl Adkisson

Sargeant at Arms:
Troy Bramlett

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At its November 5, 2013 meeting the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL) voted to clarify that the term "service" includes the manipulation of a lock or locking system by whatever means in order to unlock the mechanism.
Therefore, picking and/or "popping" a lock now falls under the jurisdiction of the AESBL.
Companies and their employees that perform lock out services at customer homes or businesses, on motor vehicles, safes, etc., are now required to be licensed by the AESBL.
See Link http://aesbl.alabama.gov/news_detail.aspx?ID=8313
Letter from AESBL   Print As Needed.

Also check out the new AESBL website for lots of new information for you and send your customers there to find a locksmith or alarm person that is licensed.
CEU's for this year!
The locksmiths that renewed for just one year last year, will renew for two years this year.
In doing so they will be required to have 12 CEU credits to turn in December, 2014.
If you have a four hour class that you took last year, on it's *OWN certificate*, you can use it again in December along with a new (taking this year) 8 hour class.
If you renewed for two years this passed December, you have to have 16 credit hours and can get them all at one time during the two years.
Think about the classes at the show.

Check out the Locksmith Forum page. Someone has a question that maybe one of you could answer.

Be careful when signing up for online classes.
Make sure that they are approved classes thru AESBL

If you have any questions, problems or corrections with the website please call me - Keith Ledbetter 334-826-8990

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